Part-Time Jobs in USA For International Students

Part-Time Jobs in the USA For International Students: Students’ first preference is to move to the USA for higher studies. The fee structure and other expenses are higher in the USA as compared to other countries. Students may found themselves with a total expense of $60000 approximately. The part-time job brings several benefits to the students, they can earn while studying, bear their day-to-day expenses, and some students save the fee for the next year also. Another benefit is that you learn new skills while studying and building your professional network, which will be beneficial for you later. 

Part-Time Jobs in the USA For International Students: Important Details

Look at this article, and you will get an idea of how you can get a job in the USA.

Category of Work:

Working on-campus with an F-1 Visa: Universities offer opportunities to work within the campus. There are jobs like library assistant, Coordinators, Jobs in the cleanliness department, Jobs in other labs. These opportunities can be found on the notice board of the campus or by joining various clubs in the university. Working off-campus with an F-1 Visa: You can work off-campus if you have completed one year of the study. There are three ways to find an off-campus job.

  1. Optional Practical Training (OPT): This is the internship or training you have to pursue during the study time.
  2. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Optional Practical Training (OPT) Extension: The person who does higher study in STEM disciplines can further extend the time period for OPT to 24 added months.
  3. Curricular Practical Training (CPT): There are two phases of work, pre-completion, and post-completion. Pre-completion is for those students who are studying, and post-completion is for those who had finished their graduation. Students will get extra 2 years for doing the job after graduation in the USA.

Where To Apply For Part-Time Jobs in the USA For International Students

  • University offices/ Student Union/ Career Services: Some universities hire students for internal work. The work may be of lab technician, clerical work, library assistant job, and many more. The campus has its own career cell, where students have a chance to get a job within the university.
  • Online portals: Students can benefit from online websites like glassdoor, indeed, for getting the job off-campus.

On-Campus Part-time Job Option:

  • Research Study Assistant: The research assistant will do work on multiple projects, maintain the equipment of the lab, assist in the various tasks during the research.
  • Teaching Assistant: The teaching assistant helps in various school events, motivates students to do work, helps special children as the monitors.
  • Catering Assistant and Food Runner: The catering assistant does tasks in the kitchen, helps in preparing food, cleanliness of the utensils, delivering the food, taking the orders.
  • Library Page: This job has activities related to the library like arranging books, administrative tasks, clerical tasks, organize events in the library, painting peace in the library.
  • University Campus Tour Guide: Universities need tour guides. These students explain the courses and benefits of the university to the upcoming batches, parents, guests, etc. They must have good communication skills.
  • Department Assistant: These students will take on events and tasks in the whole department.
  • Computer Lab Technician: This job includes maintenance of computers, laptops, printers, pages, and materials in the lab.
  •  Barista: This job profile has the task of the cashier, clerk, or making of coffee and serving it to the customers, cleaning and maintaining is also a part of the job.
  • Peer Tutor: They assist other students in the study.
  • Production Assistant: They organize events like drama, fests, comedy shows, etc.
  • Campus Ambassador: These people will showcase the new product, a new course, or do an advertisement for the university.

Off-Campus Part-time Job Option:

  • Customer Support Representative: It is a kind of customer care personnel who answers queries of the customer, book orders, ensures only timely delivery of products.
  • Store Associate: They keep the things at their positions, sometimes do clerical/billing tasks, guide customers for the specific product, etc.
  • Translator: They do a translation of one language into another language.
  • Tour Guide: Travel agencies hire people to guide tourists to the best locations for vacations, the best hotel to stay, and complete traveling guides.
  • Babysitter: The babysitter will look after the children, their food, play activities, etc.

Pay Scale:

Number Time Period Salary
1 Minimum For one hour $7 to $9
2 Yearly Salary $34738

Important Links of Universities to Consider  in the USA For International Students:

Note:  Study the article thoughtfully for Part-Time Jobs in the USA For International Students.

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