Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand For International Students

Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand For International Students: New Zealand is one of the loving countries. Many students from different countries migrate to New Zealand. While studying, students search for part-time jobs to carry their day-to-day expenses and try to save fees for the following year. 

Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand For International Students: Important Details

This article will explain to you a brief view of what sorts of part-time jobs you should seek when you immigrate to New Zealand.

Job Regulations:

  • Visa Conditions: It depends on the type of visa you have, like a study visa, work visa, tourist visa, etc., that determines the rules for the job.
  • For Part-time Jobs: These jobs are searched by the students who enrolled themselves in the full-time course. They allowed working 20 hours per work only with some conditions like. The course should be two years duration. Or the period of the course should be one year and the student is to be a part of a certified tertiary student exchange program.
  • Full-time Jobs: Students can also do full-time jobs during the breaks, but they should have the following conditions. The credit score of the students should be at least 120. The students must have studied one year course.
  • Full-time Jobs During Christmas and New Years Time: Students are allowed to work full-time these days, with the conditions that they have enrolled for the course duration of one year.
  • Ph.D. and Masters Students: The students who are pursuing a Ph.D. degree or any master’s degree can work full-time.
  • English Language Students: English Language courses students can work for 20 hours in a week.
  • Type of Employment: Students are not permitted for self-employment and freelancing work in New Zealand.

Where To Apply For Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand For International Students

Students can grab part-time or full-time jobs in the following ways in New Zealand.

  • University Student Services: Universities have a Career center and student support center. New students can go there and find out a part-time and full-time job. This is the most secure approach to take a job.
  • University Bulletin Boards: Notice board is the essential area students should regularly check to up to date with the events. Universities put news, events, and jobs on the notice board. If you see any job/recruiter information then go as per the procedure.
  • Student Job Search: It is an organization that helps students to get a part-time or full-time job. If you find difficulty in getting a job, go to this organization. They will do their best for you.
  • Online Platforms: You can go to the website online for the current opening, they will post the job requirements, salary, job profiles. If you are exploring work in a part-time job, browsing through various websites can assist you in finding the appropriate position.

Part-time Job Profiles:

  • Retail Sales Assistant: Students find it to be an easy job. To work in retail sales centers, help the customers to choose products, making payments, taking care of stocks. These may be grocery stores, dispensaries, etc.
  • Supermarket Assistants: Students will get the job of cashier or assistant in supermarkets. This job can be done in shifts or on the weekend also.
  • Seasonal Workers: Seasonal work is also there like harvest and does the preparation of the fruits and vegetables for sale. Students usually opt for this job as a Summer Break job for full time.
  • Kitchen-Hand: It is like helpers in the kitchen. Requirements are for dishes, cleaning or chopping vegetables, and other tasks in the kitchen. This job can be done part-time.
  • Waiter or Waitress: Waiter or Waitress are in demand. They require good communication skills. Students will also get a free meal during their shift.
  • Bartender: The students above 18 years, are eligible to apply for a bartender if they have a good grip on the English language. In this, students can work night shifts also.
  • Call Centre Operator: Doing a job at a call center may also be a suitable option for those exploring part-time jobs in the country.

Tax Deductions:

The tax deduction is for all the students, those employed in part or full-time. The students will get minimum wages of NZ$ 18.90, including salaries for public holidays. On this earning, the tax deduction is 10.5%.

Important Links of Universities to Consider  in New Zealand For International Students:

Note:  Study the information thoughtfully for Part-Time Jobs in New Zealand For International Students.

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