Part-Time Jobs in Canada For International Students

Part-Time Jobs in Canada For International Students: The students who immigrate to foreign countries like Canada want to do some part-time jobs. Students’ expenses are higher, like their daily expenses, tuition fee, travel expenses, and other expenses. The tuition fee for different courses ranges from $9,341 and $37,700. Students try to cover their tuition fee for the next year, along they try to cover other expenses also. All this can be done with the help of a part-time job. Some students go to foreign countries to earn money. This article gives an overview of how to get a part-time job.

Part-Time Jobs in Canada For International Students: Important Details

Student Work Options in Canada:

Students can do the job in three ways.

  • For full-time, that is 40 hours/week, like during holidays.
  • For part-time, that is up to 20 hours/week during semesters/college days.
  • As an internship or volunteer work.

Part-time Rules & Regulation in Canada:

Working Part-time Off-campus: For doing a job off-campus in Canada, you must have one of the following conditions.

  • If a student is in the last semester and doing a course at a designated learning institution (DLI).
  • Or if a student has enrolled themselves in the vocational training program or professional training program.
  • If a student takes admission in the 6-month course initially and then will take admission in diploma or degree.
  • If a student is having Social Insurance Number (SIN).

Working Part-time On-campus: The conditions for part-time on-campus jobs are following.

  • If a  student is at a public post-secondary college/university or a Canadian private school, legally grant degrees are eligible for part-time on-campus jobs.
  • Or have a valid study permit.
  • or have a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

Where To Apply For Part-Time Jobs in Canada For International Students

  • On-campus: You can find On-campus part-time jobs in advertisements posted on notice boards or the university’s official website.

  • Off-campus: For this, you should have a Social Insurance Number, which will make you qualified for off-campus jobs and give you entrance to several national programs.

Part-time Job Profiles & Salary:

Number Job Salary CAD/hour
1 Bookkeeper 25
2 Sales assistant 12
3 Customer service assistant 11
4 Office assistant 13-15
5 Cook 13 CAD
6 Program facilitator 13 CAD
7 Uber driver 14-25
8 Nanny 14 CAD
9 Server/Bartender 74 CAD
10 Dog walker 14 CAD
  • Book Keeper: This is the most loving job for the students. This student has to keep the records of daily transactions, make banking activities, invoice building, payments, and billing, report generation. It is a kind of manager job and requires managerial skills, mathematical skills, and organization skills.
  • Sales Assistant: The work of a sales assistant is to increase sales for the company. Salesperson monitors the sales team, keeps regular contact with the regular customers, ensures on-time delivery of the products. For the salesperson job, you should have communication skills and knowledge of computers.
  • Customer Service Assistant: This job requires good communication skills. The person should be able to handle customer queries. They will do orders, selling products also, answering questions related to delivery information, price, and quality of the product.
  • Office Assistant: This person will do clerical work like maintaining files, welcome the visitors, reply to the messages, schedule the meeting and answering the phone calls, and giving reply their queries.
  • Cook: This is the most demanding job. It includes preparation of food, keeps the food as per the menu. They should follow the safety measures to ensure the good health of the customers.
  • Program Facilitator: This person will incorporate the workshops and training program, also to community service endeavors, trips, and outings, projects, presentations. They have to answer the program director or manager.
  • Uber Driver: You can be a uber driver job as a part-time job. For this, you should have a driving license and good traveling history. Of course, you should full fill the minimum age criteria.
  • Nanny: People want a nanny for their children. If you like a child, then you can do this job happily, and it will bring money and happiness to you. All you have to do is make a daily routine for the children, take care of them, do some activities with them, and clean and laundry.
  • Server/ Bartender: Bartenders are also in demand. In this job, you have to serve alcoholic beverages.
  • Dog Walker: Just like a baby sitter, people need a pet sitter. You have to give food and water to clients’ pets. Do some play activities with them and also go for their vaccination.

Note:  Check the details carefully for Part-Time Jobs in Canada For International Students.

Updated: May 24, 2021 — 3:42 pm
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