Part-Time Jobs in UK For International Students

Part-Time Jobs in the UK For International Students: Students migrate to foreign countries, some for study purposes and some as tourists or others for only work purposes. Students have to bear higher fees as compared to India. They usually try to find out part-time jobs to cover the daily expenses and fees for the following semesters. The pound has a higher value as compared to Indian rupees. 

Part-Time Jobs in the UK For International Students: Important Details

This article will help students to find out part-time jobs in the UK while studying.

Job Regulations:

Following are the rules, policies, and regulations for students.

  • Students are allowed to do the job for 20 hours a week only.
  • The student must carry a valid visa.
  • Only degree students are allowed to do the job for 20 hours. Others are permitted for 10 hours a week.
  • Those students who are enrolled in part-time courses are not allowed to work.
  • Those students who are working part-time can not do their own business, can not be sportsperson or entertainer.

Where To Apply For Part-Time Jobs in the UK For International Students

There is two option for students, and one is to find out a job in On-campus and other in Off-campus. Find a job On-campus is a little bit difficult as the number of vacancies is less. But off-campus jobs are vast in number. Students can quickly get off-campus part-time jobs. The part-time job also depends upon the courses in which the student takes the admission and type of visa has as rules explained above.

Students’ resumes must be nicely written. A resume must highlight the skills, educational qualifications, or experience if the student has any. Prepare the resume well.

Ways to find out a part-time job in the UK are shown below.

  • Look for Job Openings in Local Newspapers: Students must check local newspapers on a daily basis—recruiter post job vacancy in the newspaper. Check the job requirement and if you are eligible, then apply as per the instruction written by the recruiter.
  • Browse Through the Job Portals: The students can find out the part-time job through some websites that are specially made for job seekers. These websites post new vacancies. You can create your profile there and also subscribe to them. After subscription, you will get an email about the recent posts in a particular area.
  • Take Assistant from the Career Team of the University: Students can register themself in the career team of the campus. This team supports students to discover part-time jobs. They notify you regarding the new job openings and help you learn new skills required for the job.

Part-time Job Profiles:

On-Campus Part-Time Jobs  Universities have some job openings internally. Students can find out those jobs. They have to work within the campus area. These jobs can be searched by joining the career team of the campus or by looking at the notice board regularly. Professor can also help you to get a job within the campus. Students are offered to do the job for 20 hours a week part-time. During the holiday time and vacation time, they can do the job for 40 hours a week also. To get a part-time job within the campus, you must have good communication skills and knowledge of how to do the job. The job roles are such as:

  • in libraries
  • at bookstores
  • in labs
  • computer labs
  • at gym area
  • at receptions
  • in cafeteria
  • or as a campus guide

Off-Campus Part-Time Jobs 

Off-campus jobs are easy to find out as they are huge in number.  The students should take proper permissions from the govt or university to work part-time while studying. Students can work for 20 hours a week in an off-campus job, and during vacations and holiday time, the working hours are 40 hours a week. The job profiles for which they can get the appointment are as follows.

  • as a delivery boy
  • as a cashier
  • at the bookstore as a helper
  • grocery store helper
  • as a babysitter
  • as a pet sitter
  • data entry operator
  • to be a waiters/waitresses in restaurants
  • at the call centers executive
  • as a swimming pool maintenance person

Pay Scale & Tax Deductions:

Number Posts  Salary Per Hour Pound
1 Helper at retailer shop 8 to 9
2 Cashier/Billing 8 to 10
3 Delivery Boy 4 to 6
4 Clerk 12 to 14
5 Library assistant 10 to 12
6 Waiters/waitresses 18 to 10

Important Links of Universities to Consider  in the UK For International Students:

Note:  Study the information thoughtfully for Part-Time Jobs in the UK For International Students.

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