10 Productive Apps To Pass Time

Productive Apps To Pass Time: We all have gone through idle time during the day. Like we wait for our friend to come, Wait for the bus or train, have an appointment and have to wait some time. Yes, we all phase boring time during the day. Think of some interesting and productive apps to play during the boring time. Here I will present you the top 10 Productive Apps to pass the time.

10 Productive Apps To Kill Time

The below article covers the top 10 apps to kill the boring time. You will get the basic theme of the game. What is to be done in the game, the game’s rating, and how will you get the app? Follow the particular link and download it for androids or apple. 

1. Luminosity:

Luminosity focus on brain training and memory. Here you will get games like the odd one out, clock with match, spatial awareness. It will make you respond quickly as you see the timer is running. The app supports the free version and allows you to play 3 games in a day for free. It is the best way to pass the time by playing the app.

Rating- 4.5 Star

Find the link here Luminosity.

2. Elevate:

Elevate is one of the choices when we want a productive app to pass the time for students. The Elevate game’s main motive is to improve communication skills and analytical skills in a funny way. The app will have games based on maths, reading comprehension, reading with speed, memory-based, and writing tasks. You can use the free version or in-app purchases. In a day you can play three games for free. 

Rating- 4.5 Star

Find the link here, Elevate.

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3. Powerful Brain:

Powerful Brain has clever jokes and brain teasers. These jokes will let you think for a while. It is a combination of fun and brain training. The powerful brain is an excellent app to pass the time productively.

Rating- 5 Star

Find the link here, Powerful Brain.

4. Clockwork Brain Training:

Clockwork Brain Training is a top-rated app for the productive utilization of boring time. The game has many inherited benefits. You will see challenging games that expand your memory, improve your reasoning skills, you will become more attentive, focus on language & dexterity skills

Rating- 4 Star

Find the link here Clockwork Brain Training.

5. Knowledge Trainer:

This app keeps you acquainted with the knowledge about special events, unique people, famous places, sports updates, science, history facts, and many more topics. You will gain knowledge approximately in every field while playing the app in a boring time.

Rating- 4+ Star

Find the link here, Knowledge Trainer.

6. Block! Hexa Puzzle:

Bock! Hexa Puzzle has boxes in hexagon shapes. You have to fill the shape as per the instructions and match the color of the hexagons. When one shape is completed will automatically move you to the next level of the game. Block Hexa Puzzle is an excellent option to kill the boring time and keep you entertained.

Rating- 4+ Star

Find the link here, Block! Hexa Puzzle.

7. Mindsnacks:

Mindsnacks is a fantastic app. It helps you to learn a new language. You can choose Italian, Portuguese, French or Chinese as your new language. The app has games, quizzes, popping balloons, etc. This is an interactive app like you have to stop the bird from flying, and side by side, you will learn the new language through these tasks.

Rating- 4 Star

Find the link here, Mindsnacks.

8. Flow Free:

This is again a most preferable app to pass the boring time. Flow Free has numerous color pipes. You have to join the same color pipe to make the flow continue. It has several challenges and levels.

Rating- 4.5 Star

Find the link here Flow Free.

9. Sudoku:

Sudoku is a brain training app. It is mostly preferred by the students to pass the boring time. Teachers also suggest playing Sudoku. The app allows you to integrate your ranks with your friends. And it is totally free for all of us. Millions of people play Sudoko daily. It will also help to relieve the stress.

Rating- 5 Star

Find the link here, Sudoku.

10. Can You Escape:

Can you escape is a very engaging app. It shows you the puzzles in the form of the room. You have to clear the mystery in the room in order to move to the next room. The puzzle may have hidden objects, unique riddles, thrilling puzzles. It is just like escape rooms. It has an app purchase to unlock the new rooms. The game has high-quality graphics and beautifully decorated rooms. The apps add new rooms on an update for you.

Rating- 4.5 Star

Find the link here, Can You Escape.

Note:  No matter at what position we are, whether we are at school, college, job, or at home. We need some apps for boredom. The article has the top 10 apps to utilize the boring time productively. These apps keep you engaged, and you will learn new things likewise.

Updated: January 17, 2022 — 1:24 pm
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