10 Best Educational Apps For Students

10 Best Educational Apps For Students: In our home, our parents usually say don’t use your phone, pick your book and go to study. You also encounter such problems.

But did you know that your smartphone can be a book to you, even more than a book? Yes, there are such amazing apps that help you to study creatively. No need for cramming.

Watch the videos and learn the concept in amazing ways. You can say fun with learning. Check out the article below to know about great mobile apps helping millions of students.

10 Best Study Apps For Students

In this article, you will get the top 10 mobile applications for smartphones that are helping students across the world. These apps have a remarkable impact on students. The interface of apps keeps students engaged and focused. You will never feel bored while studying. These apps encourage you to learn more.

1. Google Classroom:

Google Classroom is one solution for all the issues. Here teachers can give announcements to the students. They are delivering lectures, group discussions, creating and submitting assignments. Teachers can provide grades on this platform—an easy way to share resources. Now you do not need to go to school. This app has all the features and makes life easier, especially in this covid scenario. This is one of the Best Educational Apps For Students.

Find the link here, Google Classroom.

2. Khan Academy:

Khan Academy is one of the Best Educational Apps For Students. It offers courses from Math, Science, Statistics, Psychology to Languages. Their main motive is to spread knowledge. The lectures are free on this app, and they provide world-class education to you, focusing on the learner-fist ideology.

They showcase the lectures in the form of videos. Profound lecturers prepare the video lectures for the students. It gives the feeling of the classroom study.

You will get lectures related to the special examination such as SAT and LSAT with multiple languages support. So that students from all over the world can understand the concept in their language.

Find the link here, Khan Academy.

3. edX:

The one features of the edX app that I loved the most was giving certification from the Top university in the world. It feels so satisfactory that you learn something good online and get the certificate from top universities like MIT, Harvard, and Stanford. No need to be physically present. 

edX cover courses related to Computer Science, Business, Engineering, Linguistics, and many more. Getting a degree or certificate online from a top university will positively impact your resume and help you grab your dream job at top companies. You should try this one of the Best Educational Apps For Students.

Find the link here, edX.

4. Sololearn:

Sololearn is the best app to learn to code and brush up on coding skills. You will get tutorials related to the latest technologies and platforms, and frameworks here. They support an interactive interface that eases learning.

Sololearn covers the courses for Python, Java, Javascript, C++, HTML, CSS, and more. The app also supports a free mobile editor. Coding lovers should try this app.

Find the link here Sololearn.


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5. Photomath:

Photomath is the one-pace solution for students who find math problems difficult. Math is not a puzzling subject anymore. You can learn to solve the most complex issues of maths interactively. 

The problem-solving method is easy. You have to click the picture of the question or write the question on the paper. Then submit the question there. The app analyzes the probe carefully and then provides you with a step-by-step video lecture solution to the problem.

This app will run without an internet connection. This is a pretty cool feature of the Photomath.

Find the link here, Photomath.

6. Remind:

Remind focus on the discussion part of the study after lecture study within the group is as important as the lecture. In a group, when students discuss their problems and share their views about the topic., it will clear lots of doubt.

Remind app has the feature to connect parents, teachers, students like a community. They update you with everyone’s activity. The collaboration of all and collective study is beneficial and productive.

Teachers post their messages and announcements, and they will be available to the whole class in one place. Students can submit their assignments and post questions related to the assignments. The interface is very interactive and engaging.

Find the link here. Remind.

7. Duolingo:

It is the most loved app when you want to learn a new language. The app introduces the learning concept with basic words and shows pictures labeled games.

The app has levels built into it. You will clear one level, move to the next level, and learn a milestone of the new language. You should download this Best Educational Apps For Students to learn new language.

Find the link here, Duolingo.

8. Udemy:

Udemy is one of the choices when searching for educational apps for students. The app supports pre-recorded video lectures related to subjects. You can post your questions and doubts related to the lectures. You will get video lectures from medical and non-medical to competitive exams from top-rated lectures.

Find the link here, Udemy.

9. Edmodo:

Edmodo is the solution to the online class. The platform supports teachers and students with almost every needy feature needed for the online study. Students can submit their homework, can access the school notice board. Teachers can post assignments, quizzes, guidelines, etc. It has an interactive interface that supports teacher-student communication.

Find the link here Edmodo.

10. Quizlet:

Quizlet has the features to learn with flashcards. You can also choose the direct learning feature or writing feature. Flashcards help you to remind what you have learned in the previous lectures. You can also create your flashcards and share them with your friends. The app gives you checkpoints and reminders to track your performance.

Find the link here, Quizlet.

Updated: January 17, 2022 — 1:28 pm
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