Top 18 Online WFH Jobs In India: Salary Up to Rs.50,000 PM

Top 18 Online WFH Jobs In India: The youth of India is facing unemployment problems. Many people do not even know that they can earn from home online. There are so many jobs that are giving massive amounts when you reach the perfection level.

You can start these jobs part-time and then, if you like it, move to a full-time online career. The below article covers the top 18 to 19 work from home online jobs. You can select as per your interest and requirements.

Top 18 Online WFH Jobs In India: Important Details

1) Get paid to complete offers:

Companies have many short tasks, and they pay payments to complete the task. These small jobs can give you up to rupees 10000 per month if you do the work for 30 min in a day. The task may be one of the following:

  • to signup on a website
  • Just follow a FB page
  • watch a video
  • download an app
  • complete the Surveys

2) Online Ad Reading Jobs:

Yes, the Reading advertisement can pay you money. Some websites give money for reading the ads. They are called as paid to click sites. For these platforms, go to the website, make your account and start earning money.

  • Sign Up
  • Login
  • Earn Money

3) Blogging:

Blogging is an excellent way to earn money. If you have a passion for writing, choose your favorite topic, build a website, and post daily about one or more subjects. People are earning lakhs from blogging, so you can also. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose a Topic.
  2. Start a blog
  3. Write great quality posts on your blog regularly.
  4. Get traffic to the website by promoting on other sites or search engines (SEO).
  5. You can use Adsense ads or affiliate programs on your blogging site.
  6. and start earning lots of money

4) Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing goes side by side with blogging. The income generates with affiliate marketing has no limit. Here, you promote products of manufacturers, companies on your website.

When a user buys a product through your website, you will get a direct commission from the product owner. You can partner with Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

5) YouTube Online Jobs:

YouTube is one of the best options for earning money. Analyze your skills, passion, and you can also start your own youtube channel. The category of your channel can be shopping, cooking, product review, any skill showcase, video editing tutorials, vlogging, etc. The topic of your youtube channel should be in your best interest.

You have to give good content daily to your viewers. Some of the examples of YouTubers are Nisha, Flying Beast, Veggi Paaji, etc. You might also watch some YouTubers. So, why wait for your own money? Select your favorite topic and start making videos. You can check the following list for choosing a topic for your youtube channel.

  1. Funny, Prank, Laughing Videos
  2. Coaching, Tutions, Skillshare Tutorials
  3. Cooking Videos (cook food or show roadside food)
  4. Beauty, Hair, and Makeup Videos
  5. Gaming Videos like Pubg
  6. Product Reviews like mobile phones, cameras, laptops, cars, bikes, homes, etc
  7. News, Politics, Current Affairs, Bollywood, Hollywood, Tv industry, Artists 

There is enormous scope for the subject of the youtube channels. You have to discover that what you like.

6) Online Writing Jobs:

Writing jobs is a peaceful job. If you have a passion for writing, then apart from blogging, you can think about many options like the following.

  1. Web content writing or article writing
  2. Ghostwriting
  3. Technical writing (programming language, bugs solution, current affairs, competition material)
  4. Business writing (stock market)
  5. Copywriting
  6. Newspaper writing 
  7. Editing and Proofreading

7) Online Survey Jobs:

Online surveys are like a questionnaire for which you have to give answers. It is the easiest job. You can work for 30 min a day and can generate an income of rupees 10000 per month. Companies do marketing research regarding their product or services.

They want to know what customers like about the product and what are the issues faced by them. They hire some other companies for marketing research. Marketing research companies give surveys to the public, and in return, they give payments. Doing surveys is one of the part-time job options for additional income.

8) Online Selling Jobs:

You can become a seller on the internet. For this, find out products from your local market. It can be any product like clothes, shoes, mobile phones, utensils, handbags, etc.

Then register yourself on the websites like Amazon, Flipkart. When a customer buys your product, post that product through courier to the customer and earn your profit.

9) Data Entry Jobs:

Data Entry work requires a computer/laptop, software like MS Office (word, excel), and good internet connection speed. Here companies hire data entry operators to enter data from one form to another into specific software as the companies want to maintain data regularly. The data entry work can be of the following:

  • Simple Copy and Paste Work
  • Formatting MS Word and MS Excel files 
  • Converting clients digital/Image into Word Documents/written documents
  • Tracking inventory and shipments by entering data into Excel or any other company data into excel.

10) Online Transcription Jobs:

Transcription also involves data entry work but with a twist. Now the companies will give you audio files, and you are going to listen to them carefully and then write what you hear. The audio files may be of doctor prescription, presentation, lecture, meeting notes. It can be anything. The transcription job will pay you higher than the data entry job.

11) Captcha Entry:

You might have an encounter with captcha. They are introduced for security purposes so that only humans can operate the computer system. Robots or malicious programs should be away from the computer system.

Companies hire people to solve captcha values. It can be multiply, addition, image recognition, etc. They usually give $1 to $2 for 1000 captcha solutions.

12) Freelance Jobs:

Freelancers mean you set rates for your service in the market. If some clients like your skills and service are then they hire you. Freelancing has numerous filled from content writing to web designing. 

You can check famous freelancers websites like Upwork, Fiverr, build your account on one of them, and then start looking for jobs related to your skill. When you find a matching job, send the proposal for the job and start doing the job.

13) Digital Marketing Jobs:

In the digital marketing field, you have lots of options for marketing like the following:

  1. SEO/SEM (Search Engine Optimization/ Marketing)
  2. Content marketing  and Video Marketing
  3. Marketing through email
  4. E-Commerce Marketing
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Mobile Advertising 

If you are new in this field, you can go for the short-term course for digital marketing and start earning from this.

14) Social Media Jobs:

There are jobs related to this field like the following:

  • Virtual Assistant: You can become the personal assistant to somebody. Answer their calls, do emails, schedule meetings, organize files, and many more tasks.
  • Social Media Managers: Famous people have managers for their FB, Instagram, Twitter accounts. The managers handle the comment section, post section. They reply to comments and messages. 
  • Chat/Email support: Some companies hire people personally, and they do the work of solving customers’ queries through chat or email.  Your job is to assist people. The salary may vary from Rupes 15000 to 25000.

15) Online Tutoring:

Online tutoring is in trend, and one reason is the corona pandemic. If you have a specialty in any subject, then you can give tuition to students all over the world and earn well.

Companies like BYjus, WhitehatJr have grown significantly faster, and they hire tutors in different subjects like Maths, science, computer, Language, Dance, Yoga, Competition preparation, NEET, IIT, etc.

16) Mystery Shopping:

Mystery shoppers are paid to buy products or services of some company. Companies want to know genuine reviews of their product or service, and they give payment to buy their product, use their service like you will eat in restaurants, buy their products, test new bike or car, etc. This is a new source of income for Indians.

17) Buying and Selling Domain:

Good domain names are everyone’s requirements. You can buy some catchy domain names and then sell them to the people at your price and can earn in between commissions.

You should have a little bit of experience with domain names websites like Godaddy, etc.

18) Earn Money Selling photos:

Yes, you can earn money by selling photos to popular websites. If you have a collection of photos or are interested in clicking photos, these photos can give you a good amount. 

There are websites like pixels, Shutterstock, Fotolia, etc., which will give you the payment for the good pictures.

19) Stock Trading:

It would be best if you understood the downs and ups of the stock market to earn profits from this. Many people have earned a huge amount and changed their lives, and this does not fit well for some people. Before jumping into this business, do some research regarding the stock market.


There is no limit to job choices. You have to explore what you actually desire to do. Above is the overview of many options for online work-from-home jobs. And these jobs do not require higher education. Some may require skills, and you can learn skills in the short term of 4-5 months. You have to make a start in any of the filed then things will move smoothly. Choose one of the fields and register yourself on a platform. Do the work with dedication. In case of any problem you can contact our team, we are here to help you.

Updated: August 19, 2021 — 1:20 pm
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