Stay At Home Jobs For Mom That Pays Well

Stay At Home Jobs For Mom: Many women lost their jobs after marriage or becoming mothers. But there is an instinct that we have to work and be independent.

The work should be like that it is easily managed from home, should pay well, there is the flexibility of time and the critical thing we love doing. Hey Mommies, you are at the right place.

I will discuss the best ten work-from-home jobs that you can manage from home and choose working hours as per your free time. The hourly rate is fairly satisfactory, and you will be delighted with the income.

Best Stay At Home Mom Jobs That Pay Well

There are no higher educational demands. You can do the work with a laptop and internet connection. Check the below best ten work from job options and pursue them to earn being at home.

Finding the Best Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms:

Once you decide to do work from jobs, you encounter numerous work from jobs, which is not so difficult. The question is how to find out the particular job that fits you best and gives a good salary. Consider the below points before starting any work from the job.

  • To find out your skills: You should analyze your skills and strengths. From a list of work from home jobs, which suits you best and you does not feel the job as work. You should love doing your work.
  • Is it the right job for you: You should love your work? If you pursue one work-from-home career for the long term. Then with experience, you can make big chunks of money. Before starting any work, properly analyze the work.
  • How much you will get: Salary is the essential part. Search well about the hourly rate. And in the long run, what you get. Think about the whole journey and money-making process in advance.

1. Bloggers:

Some people love to share their thoughts. If you also love to write and communicate with people through sharing your thoughts. Blogging is a suitable option for you. It does not require too much investment.

You can pick the topic you can write about and connect with other people. Initially, the money can be less, but as you do the regular blogging, you will see the passive income coming towards you even for the article you wrote six months ago.

There are many ways to earn income from blogging, and you can do affiliate marketing, promote products, advertise. Once you get into the business, things will get sorted out.

How much can you earn?

Blogging can give you $1000 in a month during the initial months. Senior bloggers manage to mean $50000 in a month.

2. Freelance Writing:

Suppose you do not want to open your blogging website and love to write. Then you can go for freelance writing. You can write for other bloggers and websites. They ask you to write 2000 words per day or 4-5 articles in a day. It can be altered as per the needs. This is just for example. You can choose to write for others. They hire on a monthly salary basis or give you weekly income. 

There are freelancing websites, and you can get your freelancing writing assignments there and choose to work on your terms. Google out the top freelancing websites, create your profile, and find out the writing projects.

How much can you earn?

As a beginner, one can make $25000 in a year.

3. Virtual Assistance:

Virtual Assistants help office people, business people, companies to manage their work. A Virtual Assistant’s primary work is to manage calls, emails, schedule events, edit files, etc.

Virtual Assistant can work for Real Estate, Social Media, eCommerce, Virtuals marketing, etc.

How much can you earn?

The Virtual Assistant starts their journey from $15 per hour, and they can go up to $40 per hour.

4. Proofreader:

Suppose you have skills like finding our errors, writing mistakes, punctuation errors, and grammatical errors in documents and files. Then this is a good alternative for you. As a Proofreader, you can get newsletters, biographies, essays, thesis, manuscripts, user manuals, blog articles, white papers, etc. You have to find out the mistakes in these documents. You can accomplish this job from your home with your kids easily.

How much can you earn?

The hourly rate of Proofreaders can vary from $25 to $40.

5. Transcription:

Transcription is the work in which you listen to audio files and write the thongs you listen to. The Transcription audio files can be from the medical field, legal or general.

Companies require written copies of the audio field, and the demand is always there for Transcribers. Sometimes the company gives you the format for writing out the written documents.

How much can you earn?

The hourly rate starts from $15 per hour for Transcribers.

6. Tutor:

Online teaching is a good option for mommies who love teaching. You can join online teaching companies. You will get the flexibility to choose the working hours. The teaching subjects can be from Academic to non-academic.

How much can you earn?

You can get $21 per hour during starting of the Tutor career.

7. Amazon FBA Seller:

Amazon has an FBA-Fulfilled by Amazon Program. In this, amazon supports people to promote the product listed on the Amazon website. You promote and sell the products. The shipping and packing will be done byAmazonn. You will get benefit and promotion bonuses.

How much can you earn?

You can earn $1000 to $3000 in a month through sales.

8. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing generates income through sharing product links and promoting brands. You can put affiliate links on your website if you have a website. The user then clicks on the link or buys the product using links, and then you will get payments for that.

How much can you earn?

The salary depends on how many users come to your website and click on the Affiliate links.

9. Online Bookkeeping :

If you have prior experience in BookKeeping or accounting, you can do the bookkeeping work from home for the companies and offices. As bookkeepers, you will manage financial transactions for the clients, keep copies of receipts, refund work-related expenditures, handle the payroll. You also pay invoices/bills and gather payments for your client.

How much can you earn?

You can get $20 per hour for Bookkeeping work.

10. Flipper:

Flipping means buying and selling. You can buy items, products, houses at a low price and sell them after some time at high prices. You can flip furniture, clothes, shoes, make-up accessories, etc. You can do the flipping business through Amazon, eBay, or the local market.

How much can you earn?

The salary depends on your skills to get a good margin in buy and sell price.

Updated: December 30, 2021 — 12:36 pm
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