Online Data Entry Job Opportunities: How To Find It?

In this modern era, most business, service sectors, government sectors are shifting towards digitalization. Small or big enterprises keep their data on computers. They want to keep data in the softcopies form. The data is to be maintained daily. The requirements for data entry jobs are increasing.

The requirements are more in the private sector, and even government companies hire data entry operators on a contract basis or a permanent basis.

This job can be done from the comfort of the home as it is an online job. You can decide your working hour as per your free time. Online jobs give you complete flexibility. The below article will cover each aspect of how you can shape your future in the online data entry field.

Online Data Entry Jobs: Overview

Data  Entry Jobs is famous among the youth. Data Entry work can be done online or offline. These jobs include the conversion of one form of data into another form. The specialty of this job is that you do not require any higher qualification degrees. Numerous websites/apps provide you the platform to work as Data Entry Operator.

You will find long-term projects or short-term projects and can earn beyond you think. Brush up your typing skills, communication skills, and the job is yours. You are few steps away from the money-making process. This article will guide you regarding the platforms where you can start your journey. Read the things carefully.

What is Online Data Entry Job:

In online data entry jobs, companies give you some tasks. They want you to enter the given format of the data into another form. They will provide the exact specification on how to write, the structure of data, the time limit for the task, the payment process, etc. The work may be one of the following:

  • Convert text, numbers, raw data into another format such as word files, excel files, etc.
  • Enter data of customers into application form online.
  • Build PowerPoint presentations.

Nature of Online Data Entry Job:

Online data entry jobs require you to enter a lot of data and at a fast speed. This job involves accuracy with speed. Also, you should be familiar with the laptop, computers, internet, software like Microsoft Office (WordPad, Excel), typing skills, Langauge (English, Hindi, etc.), Google docs.

The skill you should learn before going for this career is communication skills, file management skills, reliability, consistency, etc. And don’t worry if you don’t know this, you can learn these skills quickly. This is not a hard job. Anyone can do online data entry jobs. You have to learn basic things about computers, and it does not demand higher qualifications.

How Much Earnings From Online Data Entry Job:

Online data entry jobs can pay you very well. The payment can vary from $1200 to $6500 per month. On average, this job can pay you $3000 per month. Here the amount will be every month or on a task basis. The payment will depend on the number of tasks you will complete. Your speed and accuracy pay you well. 

Eligibility For Online Data Entry Job:

  • Qualification vise, 10th pass person, can apply for the online data entry jobs. 
  • You should know essential computer software.
  • Your typing speed should fall in the parameters of the hiring company. Usually, companies demand 10000 Key-Per-Hour. They will conduct an exam before hiring you.
  • You should have a computer/Laptop and a good internet connection.

Consider Steps To Apply Online For Online Data Entry Jobs

Some websites give you notifications regarding the job openings like CareerBuilder, Glassdoor, and Indeed. Prepare your resume well and submit the resume to these websites. Do the registration and fill the profile on these websites, highlight your essential skills, the area where you want to get a job, update your profile pic, etc.

These websites inform you regarding the job opening in the field you have mentioned during the generation of your profile. They usually send emails regarding job openings regularly.

You can also work as a freelancer. On freelancers websites, there is numerous client from all over the world. The client posts their job on these websites. You have to send proposals to the clients and grab the job. You will get payment as per the job. The amount will be fixed at the beginning.

Websites like Upwork, Freelancer, are very famous and genuine. These websites charge something from you as they provide you the environment and client to work with.

You should be aware of fake jobs offers and scams. You should highlight your key points in your resume or proposal very well. This is the primary key to start a career in this field. 

All the best for your bright career. In case of any queries feel free to write us. Our team will respond as soon as possible.

Different Platforms To Find Data Entry Jobs

Every field has its different positions and level of expertise. So data entry field also has different expertise levels and positions where you can work. You will be a qualified data entry officer, data entry keyer, data entry clerk, data entry operator, or typist. Here are some of the best platforms to find Data Entry Jobs.


This is the genuine platform to find Data Entry work. There are millions of people (client and workforce) connected through this network. This platform does not charge for registration. The user interface is straightforward to use. Go to the Snagajob platform and register yourself. Start finding out the data entry works.


2Captcha platform has images in abundance. The client wants some data entry operator that can change these images into text files. The registration and payment methods are secure. This image conversion task does not demand any special skills. So don’t wait for anything. Go and do register and start the work.


Fiverr is a freelancer’s website. Fiverr provides a way that client and freelancers communicates with each other. Freelancers can charge the amount from the client for the work done. The client will get proposals from the many freelancers, and they will decide who is the best freelancer for the work. Once you get approval from the client, you can start your job. After the completion of the job, money will get transfer to your account. The category of job is vast, you have to write Data entry job in the search bar, and you will get a list of the related jobs.


Upwork has grown very fast with networks of freelancers and clients. Upwork shows you genuine clients. They make sure the payment will reach you. They also keep an eye on the work done by you in the form of screenshots of the laptop screen. You should create your portfolio/profile very carefully. Highlight the skills nicely and attractively.


Digitize is the platform specially made for data entry work. Make your profile and start earning. Payment will get into your account within 2-3 days. The registration process is free.


You never know the caliber you have until you start doing something. Go to the above platforms, check reviews on google. When you are delighted with the platforms, make your profile on one of the platforms and start making money. All the best guys, if you find any difficulty, then leave a comment here. Our team will guide you.

Updated: July 23, 2021 — 1:52 pm
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