Online Captcha Entry Jobs For Solvers: Starts From $50 Per Daily

Online Captcha Entry Jobs: You must encounter a captcha value at one or another webpage on the internet. Some people find it annoying, and some love to fill in captcha values. Captcha has its own significance. They are put on web pages to protect data and information. Their purpose is to secure the system. If you are fond of filling captchas and patterns, this article will help you earn income from your passion. Go through the below details carefully.

Online Captcha Entry Jobs: Important Details

Captcha’s complete form is a Completely Automated Public Turing Test.  The captchas are introduced to identify that a person who is using a computer system is a real human or not. Captchas want you to perform some actions like multiply, add, subtract, and other calculations or identify similar images, etc.

Purpose of Online Captcha Entry Job:

The primary purpose of a captcha is to protect the computer system from malicious programs. Captcha becomes a barrier between humans and robots/bot programs. Hackers use programs to hack the data from websites. If the captcha is involved, then a barrier is formed in between. Human speed is slow, and the program or bot speed is very fast. With the help of captcha, companies identify the speed and then identify the hackers and hence protect the system.

What is Online Captcha Entry Job:

Companies are dire nowadays about the security of their data. They use captcha values to protect the system. And they wanted the captcha values in huge numbers. The Captcha entry jobs require you to solve these captchas within the given time frame. Your work should be accurate and within the time constraint. Accuracy and speed will become your key points in getting the jobs and earn money.

Salary of Online Captcha Entry Jobs:

The captcha income depends on the companies. The companies have their own rates. Generally, you can earn $0.2 to $2 for solving 1000 captcha entries.

If you work more, you can earn more. Increase your working hours then you can generate good income. In a month, you can attain a range of $200 to $250.

Companies that Offer Online Captcha Entry Jobs:

  • Kolotibablo: It is one of the best websites to find out works related to online captcha entires. You can earn $200 to $300 per month from this website easily. Try to do accurate work.

  • Captcha Typers: The login process of this website is straightforward. They provide their email If you are inserted in the online captcha jobs, then mail them. They will give you work to do.
  • 2captcha: It is also one of the best platforms for captcha jobs. They provide a programming interface to do the job.
  • MegaTypers: MegaTypers will give you $150 to $200 per month. For one image, they are giving $0.45. You can receive the payment through debit or credit cards, valet, etc.
  • Captcha Club: This is also a platform to do the captcha entry job. When you complete the registration at Captch Club, they asked you for different membership forms. Select the membership form which is best suitable for you.
  • FastTypers: This is the secure website to do the captcha entry job. They will give you $1-5 for 1000 captcha solutions.
  • Captcha2Cash: There go is type more and earn more. Their registration process is simple. You will get $1 for 10000 captcha values.
  • Lion Bridge: They provide flexible hours to work. They help you throughout the process. The money-making process is simple, solve more captchas and earn more.
  • Upwork: Upwork is a famous website for freelancers. Upwork provides jobs in numerous categories. Make your account here, and then mention your skills. Based on your skills, Upwork shows you the related jobs. Grab the jobs and earn money.
  • Fiverr: Fiverr is also one of the freelancer’s websites. Here you can find jobs from almost every category like typing, design, branding, translation, captcha, etc.
  • ySense: It is a global community that offers jobs in numerous fields.  This company also provides cash backs and rewards.

Steps To Consider To Apply Online For Online Captcha Entry Jobs

  1. Visit one of the platforms written above.
  2. Go through the instructions/guidelines for registering the account and then apply accordingly.
  3. Give your name, address, email id, phone number, etc., in the registration form.
  4. Upload the asked documents/certificates/photos in the application form.
  5. Submit the details written in a presentable way.
  6. Wait for the approval email, and then start grabbing the captcha jobs online.
  7. Submit the work and get paid into your account.

Note: Before applying, you should know every detail thoroughly.

Updated: August 18, 2021 — 1:17 pm
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