Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs: How To Apply

Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs: Work from homes jobs is a dream for many of us. The work from homes jobs brings flexibility, no hassle to commute daily for the offices, can do the job on free hours and there are other benefits also. On the other side, someone can think, working from a job is challenging from home like kids are there, other noisy problems are here such as someone ringing the doorbell.

By keeping everything in mind, we are here with the work-from-home jobs done without using the phone. Like you don’t have answers to the phone calls. So, the problem of noise is solved.

Non-Phone Work from Home Jobs

Check the below article and choose the work from home job which is most suitable for you.

1. Transcription

Transcription is the conversion of audio files into written text files. It would help if you had your computer, laptop, internet connection, and headphones. Some companies want to convert meeting audios into written notes, and there are other types of files in transcriptions also. 

Good typing skills are a bonus for you. You do not need any prior experience for this job. The people earn up to $65000 a year by transcribing the files.

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2. Proofreading:

Proofreading is the person who has command over the English language and grammar. You will get documents and find grammatical mistakes in the records and files. This is the most suitable work from home job as you need your laptop and can be done this work effortlessly in your spare time.

There are two categories in proofreading. You will get legal documents for correction, and the second one is correcting general documents. This is a growing and demanding field. You will get paid either hourly or project-based.

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3. Customer Support:

Yes, you can do customer support without taking calls on the phone. Three are companies that support customer queries via emails and chats. You can apply for them and do the customer support job without answering phone calls.

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4. Freelance Writing:

A person who loves writing can expand their skills to earn money. You can start your blog website or can freelance your writing skills. Many websites post clients projects that require freelance writers.

You will get the freelance writing projects through one or more platforms mentioned below. You can earn a handsome income in this field. Some companies pay on an hourly basis, and some give you the money after completing the project.

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5. Virtual Assistant:

Virtuals Assiatnats becomes a trend in today’s era. People prefer to hire Assistants who work from their homes. The Virtual Assistants do the same tasks like handling calls, messages, meeting schedules, emails, etc.

Virtuals Assistants can do 250+ services. If you have these skills, don’t wait and fully utilize your free time at home. The hourly rate for Virtuals Assiatnsts is from $20 to $40, which is quite good.

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6. Search Engine Evaluation:

Search Engines Evaluation work does not require a person from a technical background. Yes, a nontechnical person is also eligible for search engine Evaluation work. Here, you have to check whether the search engine is giving relevant results as per the search. If you search for a chocolate pastry, the search engine will return results related to the chocolate pastry. Your work is to evaluate the result of the search engine. And this work does not require any particular skill.

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7. Data Entry:

Data Entry Operators are required in almost every office. The DEO does not have to be a highly educated or unique skill. If you have basic knowledge of computer software like MS Office(Word, Excel, PPT), you are suitable for Data Entry jobs.

In Data Entry, there is filing work, enter input data or raw data into the desired format of the data. Like writing some information related to accounting, inventory in word files, excel files, etc. You will get an excellent hourly rate in this field.

You can pick data entry work from freelancer websites. The particular websites meant to provide data entry work are listed below. You should be aware of the fake companies that do not pay for the data entry work. Before applying for the Data entry job, search well about the company.

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8. Online Teaching:

Online teaching/coaching is a booming service in the market. One reason is the lockdown. Parents want their kids to learn with the best teachers. They prefer work from home tuitions for the kids.

If you love teaching kids and even adults, you must try online teaching. Numerous subjects can handle online like maths, science, music, English, speaking, yoga, completion preparation, coding, app building, etc. 

The companies are giving good salaries per lecture basis. The joining process sometimes includes demo rounds and interviews. Before applying for a company, you should search all the requirements on google and then prepare well for the joining process.

This is a genuinely work-from-home job. You can choose working hours as per your available free hours. For moms who want to restart their care, this is one of the good options with an excellent income.

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9. Food Delivery:

Food delivery service is an excellent option to utilize the free time. Students and people already in service are doing food delivery jobs on Saturdays and Sundays. You can share your free time availability with the hiring company and adjust the working time accordingly. The payment is sometimes hourly or sometimes based on the number of deliveries done in a week.

You should have your vehicle, driving license, and your age should be above 18. The delivery areas are generally nearby your home so that you don’t need to travel more for delivery. The delivery items may be processed food from restaurants or Kitchen essentials from grocery stores.

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10. Bookkeeping:

Bookkeeping can also be done from home. If you have prior experience in bookkeeping, you should try work from home/online bookkeeping. 

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You should select one category from the above-given one and then follow the links given for the company that provides work from home jobs, Apply using instructions and fill the application form. After approval of the profile, you can find out the work from home projected posted there on a daily basis—all the best, guys. Please message us in case of any difficulty.

Updated: December 29, 2021 — 1:37 pm
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