Best Online Tutor Jobs in India From Home

Best Online Tutor Jobs 2021: Tutors are always in demand. People like teaching jobs, some do it professionally, and some give home tuitions. In this 21st century, you can teach students from your home through video calls online. You can utilize your time and serve your passion well. There is no need to travel home to home. You can be a personal tutor to students even sitting abroad. The happy part is you are well paid for the service. Go through the complete article and know how to become a successful online tutor with minimum resources and live lavishing life.

Best Online Tutor Jobs 2021: Important Details

Online teaching is on demand. It covers students from first-class to 12 classes, coaching for competitive exams, higher study coaching, special skills teaching like yoga, dance, artwork, cooking classes, English, or another language teaching. There are viable options in the online Tutor job. You should master one subject or one skill and know a few technical things, and then online Tutor can become your dream career.

What is an Online Tutor Job:

Online Tutor job is the same as teaching students offline. Till now, either we teach students in schools, college, or in tuition centers. But now we can take help from laptops, the internet, software like Team Viewer, Skype, Video Conferencing, etc. and build a set up at home. Technology will connect all the students and Tutors at the same time. You can teach as usual to one or more students through video calls. Here the work is the same, but the environment is changed. You have to use the technology for doing the Tutor job.

Advantage of Online Tutor Job:

  • Time Flexibility: Online Tutor job gives you flexibility. You can choose working hours as per your free time and free time of students. You can take one class at Lunchtime or evening time. Sometimes at night also. It depends on your and your students’ free time. There is no foundation like that of 8 to 2 or 9 to 5 job.
  • Work From Anywhere: There are no geographical boundaries. You can teach students from India to Canada, the USA, etc.  It is the technology that connects you to the student from anywhere in the world. Your internet connection is of High speed. You should master the skill or subject. When students love your teaching, your demand will increase. Your communication skills and teaching skills help you grow in your online Tutor career and earn a significant amount. International students will give you higher rates for one hour.
  • No Hassel of Travelling: The best part of the Online Tutor job is to work from home. Just build a small setup at home, where you can do video calls to the students. You have to go nowhere. Lots of time will save. No travel expenses. No need to get dressed up. It’s up to you how to manage the time. This is the most comfortable job one can do if you have a love for teaching.
  • Cost Saving: You will get paid on an hourly basis in most companies. They are a good amount as compared to all other online jobs or offline teaching jobs. Traveling expenses, tuition center setup expenses like furniture for students, etc., are nill in online tutor jobs. You should have a working laptop and internet connection. Only this you will pay. And it is a one-time cost. And I think the computer is in everyone’s home in today’s world.

Online Tutor Job Requirements:

Of course, you required good knowledge of the subject. Along with the ability, there are some things you should have with you to start your career in the online Teaching area.

  • Computer: You should have a working laptop—computer or desktop, with at least 4 GB Ram. The companies will ask you to install their software for video calls and teaching. For that, your laptop should be of the latest configuration.
  • Writing Pad: Writing pas will make your work easy. You can easily buy this. This helps you to see on the computer screen what you have written.
  • Video Lectures: You should familiarize yourself with the Video Lectures environment or give presentations to the students.
  • Subject knowledge: Subject knowledge is a must for you. This is the key to growth in your teaching career. Rather than this, if you have some technical knowledge of using software and managing video calls, it will be good for you.

Online Tutor Job Types:

  • You can become a Subject Expert.
  • You will be an Online Tutor.
  • You can teach college students and will be College-level online teaching faculty.
  • You can choose to be an Instructional Designer.
  • You can also prepare the course matter and be a Course Developer.
  • You will be a full-time School-level online teaching faculty.
  • You can choose to be an Online English, Yoga, Dance, etc., teacher.

Drawbacks of Online Tutor Jobs:

  • You should read and study the rules before joining any company—the laws about working hours and the payment process.
  • Your internet speed should be fast.
  • You should deliver your best. Well, prepare before taking the online classes.

Money Earn From Online Tutor Job:

Money earned from the online teaching career depends on various factors such as

  • If you are an experienced or a fresher in the teaching field, money varies as the expertise level varies.
  • What is your specialization?
  • To which class you can teach, and the subject also matters.
  • Your qualification also matters.

Online Tutors start earning from Rs 10000 per month, and they can grow their career up to Rs 1 Lakh.

How To Find Online Tutor Job:

You can take help from google. Search a list of companies that hires online tutors. Check their reviews on the internet. Some people who got selected also have videos on youtube. They guide you on how to prepare for the interview and demos. In the below section, I will cover a top list of companies where you should apply.

Platforms Where You Can Work As Online Tutor:

  • Vedantu: This company comes at the top of the online teaching list. They will give personal coaching to the students and cover a vast number of subjects from Math, French, Physics, German to IIT-JEE, CAT, NEET, etc. Go to their website and fill the application form.
  • TutorVista: This company has also built its name in the market. They teach Indian students as well as International Students. They also asked tutors to do the job of course preparation. You have options here to teach or to prepare courses. The registration process is easy.
  • This company gives you the flexibility to teach students from 5 hours a week to 30 hours a week. You can choose this platform if you have less free time.
  • Chegg: They are paying very well. Here you have many options. You can solve students’ questions online (they give 2 hours to do one question), take video lectures, or solve students’ queries online. They cover subjects with a huge number that is 170. Check the subject list for which you can apply. And clear all the steps of the recruitment process.
  • TutorMe: This company allows you to teach history, humanities, foreign languages, science, computer science, social science, engineering, math, etc.
  • VIP Kids: This is a China-based company. Their hourly rate varies from 10$ to 22$. They make a 6-month contract with you—Raed out the rules before applying.
  • Magic Ears: Here, you will teach the English language to 5 to 12 class students, giving 18$ to 26$ per hour. You will get paid every 10th working day. Apply as per the specifications provided.
  • QKids: Here, you are going to teach four years old to 12-year-old students. The number of students varies from 1 to 4 only. The class will be for 30 min. They will give 20$ for an hour. Fill the application form and apply.
  • Elevate K-12: You should be a resident of the USA for teaching online with the company. They cover subjects from Social Studies, Math, Reading, Science, Robotics, Foreign Language, and coding, etc. Complete the registration process for the particular topic.
  • MathElf: You will teach year students from 8 to 21 years old. They will give you 2000$ per month. You can get a payment through PayPal, etc. Visit the website and apply as per the requirements.

Important Links to Follow for Online Tutor Jobs in India:

Number Platforms Links
1 Vedantu Check Here
2 TutorVista Check Here
3 Check Here
4 Chegg Check Here
5 TutorMe Check Here
6 VIP Kids Check Here
7 Magic Ears Check Here
8 QKids Check Here
9 Elevate K-12 Check Here
10 MathElf Check Here

Note: Study the details carefully before applying for Online Tutor Jobs in India 2021.

Updated: June 30, 2021 — 1:38 pm
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