Zero Investment Typing Jobs- Know How To Apply

Online Typing Jobs Daily Payment: In today’s world, especially in India, unemployment is increasing day by day. Youth are seeking jobs, but they are not able to find one for them. Many people do not know about the kinds of work they can do. Three are so many jobs you can do from your home. Many jobs do not require degrees and higher studies from you, and you can live your dream life happily. In this article, I will cover the types of Online typing jobs.

Online Typing Jobs Daily Payment: Highlights

Job Type

Typing, Data-Entry, Writing, Word Processing

Job Location

All Over India

Age Limit

18 to 65 Years

Mode of Job

Online, Work from Home Job

Qualifications Requirements


Skills Needed

Typewriting, Basic Computer Operating,
Internet, E-mail, MS-Office

Working Type

Either Full-Time or Part-Time

Payment Type

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, On Completion of Project

Average Earnings

$1000- $1500 per month

Applying Fee


How To Apply

Follow the Links given below

Online Typing Jobs Daily Payment: Important Details

There are numerous online jobs available in the market. Companies demand skill, quality work, timely delivery of the work from you. If you take the online typing work seriously, then you can earn more than Rupees 50000 from your home. 

The below article will discuss what you do in typing work, how much you get, your future in this career, how to apply for online typing jobs. Read the details carefully.

What are Online Typing Jobs:

In the Online Typing jobs, the companies give you raw data, and they want the information in some other form. The input and output format of the information may vary from one to another. 

Some companies want you to convert simple text into word documents, and some want you to convert audio into text. Translation of one language document into another language is also a part of an online typing job. Online form filling is also a category of online typing job. This is a vast field, and you can also think of it as a data entry operator job.

So whatever the input and output format is, you have to type the output format with the desired specification within the time limit.

This work is easy, and anyone can do the typing work.

How much you can earn from Online Typing Jobs:

The earning depends on you, actually. The company will show the price list for the project. It is your speed and accuracy in typing which matters. You can finish one project and then can take another assignment. The payment will be given after the completion of the project. So do the work quickly and get paid promptly. See the below table for check-in the amount for different types of typing work.

Typing Work Type

Avg. Pay-out Rupees

Daily Working Hours

Daily Earnings 

Simple Text Typing

10-15 per Page

30 Pages

$5- $10

Audio To Text

150-300 per Hour

3-4 Hours

$5- $25

Form Filling Work

50-100 perform

1-3 Hours

$10- $30

Data Entry Work

50-200 per Hour

4-5 Hours

$20- $35

Translation Typing

100-200 per Page

10 Pages

$10- $30

Content Writing

0.20 per Word

2K-5K Words

$20- $40

Ad Writing

0.75 per Word

1K-2K Words

$20- $40


200-500 per Hour

2-3 Hours

$20- $50

What are the requirements for Online Typing Jobs:

The requirements of an online typing job are not as much. You have to use your laptop or computer to do the typing work. The speed of the internet connection should be good. This is the minimum requirement. Rather than this, it would be best if you were willing to do the job, have free time for the projects, have essential software on your laptop like ms word, etc. Check the list given below for the complete requirements.

  • You should have your Laptop/Desktop or computer with an Internet connection
  • You should also have a Mobile Phone with an Active Number
  • For payment purposes, a Bank Account, either Savings or Current, is needed
  • A Digital Wallet is required for Daily Payments
  • You should have an Email Account
  • Your computer should have typing Software like MS-Word
  • Your Typing Skills should be at the primary level
  • This job demands your daily 2-3 Hours.
  • And the important thing is you should have a Desire To Earn

Types of Online Typing Jobs:

  • Online Data Entry Jobs: These kinds of jobs include pure data entry into computer systems. This is the simplest work to type the given input format into the computer system.
  • Form Filling Job: These kinds of jobs ask you to enter the given input of information into online forms like google forms, etc. Form filling jobs give payment per form basis.
  • Freelancing Typing work: Freelancing websites post typing work other skills works on a daily basis. You can grab the job opportunity from freelancing websites and complete the job within the time requirements in utmost qualify and get paid for the work done.
  • Content Writing: Content writer jobs are in trend nowadays. Many websites, businesses want people to write content for their websites. The content may be blog writing, article writing, post writing, etc. It can be related to technical content, food blog, job updates content, daily news blog, etc.
  • Word Processing Work: In this, the company provides you with word files, and your task is to process the word file as per the instructions.
  • EBook Typing work: EBook typing work is also a kind of job. The company will give you an ebook, and they want a soft copy of that ebook.
  • SMS sending work: Have you got an SMS regarding some business or advertisement on your mobile phones? These SMSes are sent by some agencies who do the work of promotion of business. This company will pay you for sending like 50 SMS per day. 
  • Ad writing work: This is also in trend. Every business wants to promote them on social media. Thye needs ad content on a daily basis.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Typing Jobs:

Every job has its plus points and minus point. So online typing job also has its pros and cons. Check them below before proceeding to the online typing career.



It is a simple work

Time-bound projects

 No registration or hidden charges                        

Satisfaction with the job is less

Joining is free

You have to use your devices

No requirements for a particular skill

No monthly salary type job

You can work as a part-time


This is s work from home.


Anybody can do this job.


There are no targets to achieve


As you type more, you will earn more.


There is an option for weekly and daily payments.


Here the job does not have any reservations.


Steps To Consider To Apply Online For Online Typing Jobs Daily Payment

You should know the way how to make income from home online. There are lots of platforms that post jobs daily and require quality work to be done by workers. Check the below steps carefully for applying for online typing jobs.

  • Below is the list of some platforms below. Go to one of the platforms and check the applying procedure.
  • These platforms allow everyone to do the registration free of cost. Start with the registration step and enter your information like name, email id, etc., in the registration form.
  • The platform will send an email verification code to your email id. Do the same as said in the account verification email.
  • Then fill the online application form and complete your profile with your bank accounts details, your address, language is known, certificates you have, experience, etc.
  • Please provide the accurate information and skills you are possessing.
  • Upload the professional photo into the application form and then submit the details.
  • Remember, it is your profile information that attracts clients and gives you your job. Make an attractive profile.
  • Then the company will notify you when they approve your account.
  • You have to wait until the company sends you the approval email.
  • The platform will show you a list of available jobs based on the skills mentioned in your profile.
  • Select one job and send the proposal for that. Grab the opportunity and complete the task given in the job.
  • If you find any complications in this process, then message us. We are always available to help you.

Important Links to Follow for Online Typing Jobs Daily Payment:


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Conclusion: Grabbing an online job and start earning money is not difficult. It requires the strength to take the initial step. Once you create an account, then the making money path is straightforward. You will see your growth from beginner level to expert level—all the best guys for your incredible journey. Our team is always available to assist you. In case of any query, please notify us.

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