How To Get Paid By Reading Books

Get Paid To Reading Books: Can you imagine that you can get money for doing exciting things. Yes, this is true. One of people’s hobbies is reading books, and you can get paid to read books. This is the easiest and interesting way to make money out of passion. You need to know a proper guide to start doing some interesting and worthwhile things. Wisely chooses books like science fiction, business books, etc. Kindly look at the following article and analyze the companies that are giving money for reading books.

Not only by reading books, but you can also make a huge amount of money by writing an ebook.

Getting Paid By Reading Books

Yes, the bookaholic now gets money for their passion. Some companies give direct money transfers to their account, and some give gifts cards like amazon gif cards.

You feel worth reading books now. There is self-progress, a feeling of purposefulness, and competence, a fantastic thing for personal growth. 

How To Get Paid To Read Books Out Loud

Some companies want you to loud out the content written in the books. For voiceover artists, your voice should be clear and loud enough. For creating podcasts, you will get paid on an hourly basis. Some companies want you to write reviews. Yes, you will earn money by just writing reviews.

Check the following list of companies/platforms and choose them according to your requirements. 

1. Voice Bunny:

Voice bunny is the best platform to show your talent and earn money. You can do the following.

  • Voiceovers
  • Audio Ads
  • Podcasts
  • Translations

The Voice Bunny takes a voice test in the beginning. You have to go to the platform and apply for the position. First, fill the application form and submit the resume. Then clear the voice test and check the list of open positions and apply according to your requirements and wish. You will get higher rates by completing the projects on time.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: Variable (depend on hourly rate and how many hours you work).


2. Brilliance Audio:

Brilliance Audio is one of the preferred companies in the audiobooks enterprise. This company is a top priority. One reason is that it is the parent company of Amazon. The company offers books in different genres. You can choose the genre as per your interest and contact the author for better results. Once the author approves your voice, you can also negotiate rates with the author. It’s your passion and talent that pay you higher rates.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: Variable and depend on books.

3. ACX :

ACX is on the top list of authors, connecting with the recording studio and narrators. This is the trusted platform for finding out the work in the audiobooks category with satisfactory hourly rates. You will record an audio file/book, which goes for approval. After approval, the audio file will be distributed and punished to other platforms like Amazon, iTunes, Audible.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: Predetermined hourly rate

4. The Voices:

The Voices have tremendous opportunities in numerous areas for voiceover artists. You will find work in audiobooks, advertising, the health care industry, animation, radio, broadcasting, podcasts, and many more. First, you have to qualify for the voice test and demos. Once all the tests are clear, you are able to connect to potential clients. You can also negotiate hourly rates. The payment methods are safe and trusted.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: The pay rates vary from project to project.

5. Scribd:

Scribed facilities you with multiple ebooks and audiobooks. The company hires proofreaders and book reviewers depending on the needs. You will get decent pay rates here. You have to do original work like give a genuine review of the book. The hourly rate will rely on your expertise level.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: You will get $50 to $70 per hour.

6. BookYap:

On the BookYelp platform, you will get books with reviews. Here, you can choose the books based on the reviews given. The BookYelp company hires the best reviewers. They ask you to submit the resume and wait for approval. To provide genuine reviews to the book, you should keep the following things.

  • Up to date content
  • Actionable Advice
  • Educational Value
Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: As per the experience and expertise level

7. Goodreads :

Goodreads platform is the preferred choice of book readers. Here you will get famous and most loving books for reading and sharing. You will be well paid for reviewing the book. You should submit your well-formatted resume and search for jobs by visiting the career section of the company.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: Free ARC

8. Wattpad :

Wattpad is a multiplatform company in the story industry. You will be amazed to know that they have millions of visitors per month. The Wattpad company has its mobile application. On mobile, you can download the books and give an excellent review after reading the book. You can post stories on this platform and get recognition from the Wattpad team. Once your story is recognized, you can get the chance for brand collaborations. Don’t wait. Apply as per the instructions and fill the application form with the updated resume.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: They do not disclose their hourly rates.

9. Kirkus Media:

Kirkus Media is a well-maintained platform where you will get money to review the books. Kirkus reviews are the most trusted reviews in the market. You can also earn money by giving genuine reviews of the books. You are required to fill the application form and submit the resume here. Also, attach writing samples. They accept the review with a word length not less than 350 words.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: Free Range

10. Book Browse:

The Book Browse is one of the best platforms for bibliophiles. They have a membership program named First Impressions. This membership program will give you free ARC one month before the publication. They want you to submit the resume with writing samples. You should show them the best writing sample after approval of your resume. It would help if you gave reviews to the books after reading them carefully. In-depth reviews will help you make your identity and earn well in the field.

Where To Apply: Find Here
Earnings Range: You can manage to get Free ARCs here.


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Updated: December 29, 2021 — 2:54 pm
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