1 Lakh+ Delivery Drivers Needed To Ease Supply Chain Demand

America is facing a shortage of Truck Delivery Drivers and hiring abroad. Nearly one lakh vacancies are available for truck drivers in America. Delivery Drivers are the backbone of every supply chain unit. The transportation system can not run without Drivers.

Skills Required For Delivery Driver Job

The drivers who are working have shifted themselves to other employment, and some got retirement. This creates a crisis situation, and the country wants youngsters to join as Delivery Drivers. Drivers have to face all types of weather and will drive heavy trucks. Some people get nervous before entering into the Delivery Driver career.

1. Good Driving Skills In All Driving Weather

The USA has all sorts of weather throughout the year. Some cities like Chicago have heavy snowfalls in the winter season. Drivers have to do their duty in kinds of situations. It requires good driving skills to fulfill the delivery on time. Drivers use techniques like they put chains on tires to run the Truck on snow. On the other side, the cities like Las Vegas has very high temperatures in summers, and drivers have to drive on hot days.

2. Accurate Map Reading

Map reading is a must for driving jobs. The people are also aware of the local area and delivery destination. You can not depend entirely on navigation maps because sometimes your phone battery may get drained, and sometimes you may have to take shortcuts in case of traffics.

3. Friendly Nature

You meet new people every day in the Delivery Driver job. The customer will like a pleasing personality on their doorstep, and if you show kind behavior, keep patience, calmness while delivering, you will get a good rating from the customers.

4. Love To Drive

If you love what you do, you do not feel like a job or burden. If you enjoy driving on the road, you can pursue a Driving career for a long. You should handle road rage and traffic in a cool way.

5. Good English Skills

The delivery drivers will communicate on both the ends, the delivery company and with the customer for which you are taking the parcel. Sound communication skills and better English skills ease your job.

US Delivery Driver Requirements

Every business needs Truck Drivers to fulfill the demands of a growing industry, and the reason is the online shopping trend. America is expected to recruit 2 lakh Truck Drivers by the end of 2030. This is a significantly bright chance to get a job in one of the favored countries, America. The Students and job seekers must check the opportunity and sign up as soon as possible.

1. For Small Trucks And Vans

The first thing you must have is a driving license. The driving license is known as CDL- Commercial Driving License. You can get it from the DMV- Department of Motor Vehicle. The second measure is your minimum age, which should be between 18 years to 21 years from the beginning.

2. For Heavy Duty Trucks

To drive heavy Trucks, you must have a heavy vehicle driving license. The driving license is comprehended as CDL- Commercial Driving License; you can obtain it from the DMV- Department of Motor Vehicle. And the minimum age should be within 18 years to 21 years to begin a Driving career. The minimum age varies from state to state in America.

To get a USA work visa, the person must have a job offer letter from the employer of America, or if an employer sponsors you, you can get the USA to work Visa.

Where To Apply For Delivery Driver Jobs:

You have plenty of options for applying for Truck Driving jobs in America. Top companies like Amazon are discussed below.

1. Amazon Delivery Driver

Amazon is a giant company trusted by all of us. The company has recorded the delivery of 2.5 billion packages in a year. The company will count your age for driving and check the clean driving record before hiring you. The average payout of Amazon is between $16 to $18 per hour. The drivers will work 10 hours a day and sometimes deliver 100 packages in a day.

2. Shipt Delivery Driver

Shipt is a grocery packages delivery company that requires delivery agents with their own vehicles. The person should be above 18 years and have a vehicle should have insurance. Shift company has several benefits that you can work part-time or full-time, they give weekly payments, you can choose flexible working hours, and the shift will be in day or night. The annual salary of a Shipt Delivery Agent is $65000 as per the reviews on Indeed.

3. FedEx Local Delivery Driver

FedEx is a huge company having warehouses and manufacturing plants across America. Your age must be above 21 years for applying for the FedEx Delivery Driver job. The FedEx company usually recruits people with one year of experience. The employees are earning well and have the liability to work day or night with flexible working hours. The wages of FedEx are similar to Shipt company. The experienced person at FedEx will get a higher hourly rate as compared to freshers.

Apply To Other Companies For Delivery Driver Jobs:

Apart from the companies mentioned above, there are several other companies needed Delivery Drivers to cope with the industry demand. Go to the below-given links, read the job requirements carefully, and apply as per the mentioned process. You may get an online form, or the company may ask you to send te recent resume.

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